Annelous Konijnenberg is part of graphic-designer duo Dokoworks. We're two very different people with different approaches to design, but a similar way of talking about the things we love.

I am currently working hard on typography and hand lettering skills, and in the meantime work on mostly websites and visual identities.
I think that my role as a designer is not to impose taste, but rather to use my toolbox of skills and ideas after listening to my clients' needs. I believe that designing is a process that needs engagement from mutliple parties, and that the input of my client in that process is as valuable as mine.

I studied in France and worked for a while in London with Sophie Demay, then in Bolzano with Thomas Kronbichler and Martin Kerschbaumer from Studio Mut. From this, I take different cultural and methodic approaches to The Hague.

Dokoworks currently works on a typographic blog called "Around Readability", where we ponder outside our heads about readability and other important knacks. You can check it out here.

You can always contact me on

Experience & Education:

Dokoworks Graphic Design Studio
Founder, designer, since 2015

Studio Mut, Bolzano IT
Internship, 2016

Studio Sophie Demay, London UK
Internship, 2016

Aurore Chauve, Paris, FR
Internship, 2015

Alex Rich, Penarth, UK
Learning from Alex during 2014's
Reflections Towards a Well-Tempered Environment.

École de Communication Visuelle, Aix en Provence, FR