I am a graphic designer based in The Hague, with a thoughtful and conceptually rigorous approach. I like to build strong working relationships with my clients— communication is key to identifying the requirements of each project, be that producing a visual identity for a global telecommunications firm or a website for an independent film house.

I am commissioned for both offline and online work with emphases on web design, editorial design, visual identities and typography.

I currently work from my studio in The Hague, but am well- travelled. I have been a designer with Studio Mut in Bolzano, Italy, Studio Sophie Demay in London and Aurore Chauve in Paris. If you’d like me to help realise your project, let's get in touch.
Uros Roaming Services
Visual Identity
For A Walk With Dementia In The City
Editorial project, ©Sophie Demay
Book design for Anton Katz & The Serpentine Gallery
Rebranding / Visual Communication

ECV Provence
Open Days Communication
with Steph Dondelinger
Trieste Estate
Cultural Summer Festival Communication
with ©Studio Mut
Aiga wrote an article about this beautiful project
Title credits / Animation
For a short film directed by Jordi Wijnalda
Designed with Steph Dondelinger
Marlowe Thornes Music
Website design

Blunt Cinema
Visual Identity
Logo, business cards, website, advice & more
Maniak Film
Logo / Business Cards
Design with Steph Dondelinger
ECV Provence
Exhibition Communication
ECV Provence
Design with Steph Dondelinger
Website Design
+31 6 49 40 74 04

Current clients:
Uros, Blunt Cinema, ECV Provence,
Freek Films, Maniak Film, Manoir Kasselslay,
Marlowe Thornes Music.

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